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Torley Does Tutorial on Some Interesting 1.23 Changes (Updated)

I just spotted a new tutorial by everyone’s favorite watermelon-fascinated avatar, Torley Linden.  He focuses his camera on…well, on the camera.  Or, more specifically, the camera controls, especially if you do machinima.  From his brief writeup:

Before Second Life Viewer 1.23, in Preference’s Input & Camera tab, there used to be Camera Transition Time and Camera Smoothing. They’ve been replaced by Camera View Angle (a more fluid way to adjust View menu > Zoom In and Out), and Camera Follow Distance now behaves as it’s named (not just while you fly).

I don’t use Linden 1.23 much, as I prefer Rainbow Viewer currently; but this information will be interesting for the times I do switch to the official viewer.  The controls are accessed through the Debug window in the Advanced settings.

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Great Hair from Tukinowaguma

I stumbled across Tukinowaguma hair sometime in the deep, dark past that I can’t remember, and I purchased one of her interesting wigs at that time.  But I didn’t go crazy about her hair until I got a sale ad from the Galleria at Frank’s, which drew me to her store there.  After catching sight of the other styles she had, I ran off to her main store and went crazy. KateForster Akina does lovely bobs, one of which I include in this photo essay; but her updos are fantastic as well.  If you’re looking for big hair for a ball or formal dance gown, definitely try out one of the Tukinowaguma stores, and you’ll find things there to enchant.

Most, if not all, of the styles are scripted for color change, by the way; click on the wig to bring up the menu.  You should either make a copy of the original (preferable, unless you have a huge Inventory), or choose a white shade to bring back the original base color.

I’ve placed the best of the photos I’ve taken in a set on my Flickr stream, and on Koinup as well.  If you like them, please leave comments (both here and there!).  But I’ll give you a small taste here of what I came up with, instead of drowning you in six tons of photos on this blog. As it worked out, I had a mess of Satin Sheen gowns from Nicky Ree on hand as well, and sets of opera gloves from Mimikri; and so I decided to try a themed photo shoot, changing only colors, shoes, hair and jewelry.  A few WindLight tweaks, courtesy of Torley Linden’s excellent package, are also used here.  As long as you have a good default saved to fall back on, don’t be afraid to experiment with those sliders, for both sky and water!

A few notes:

  • Nicky’s Satin Sheen gown is available at her store in most colors for L$100.  This absurdly low price for a Nicky Ree original is because she’s offering the original — it appears, from my reading of the notes I found in the packages, that someone’s copied her.  Please patronize the original designers, not the 7th Avenue knockoff “artists.”
  • Mimikri’s gloves are some of the best I’ve found on the Grid.  The cuffs are prim addons, so I did a little mixing of colors for effect, to match a few of the gowns.  Buy the whole set, and use the cuffs to show the “lining” of your gloves!

Turn the page and behold!

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What Do You Often Hear in a SL Meeting?

Torley Linden isn’t just training videos.  He also writes a blog; and one of his latest articles is on “Things you only hear in a Second Life meeting.” My favorite so far:  “My head is currently wedged up my ass while I’m thinking of this.”  As the speaker notes, this is not a vulgarity; this can be the truth at times, as most of us know to our (and our avatars’) sorrow….

Any road, if you have some favorites that aren’t already listed in the article, comment on it, or tweet Torley at…well, at “torley” in Twitter.

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FLASH! Mark Kingdon’s GMail Inbox Contents!

Our intrepid spies have pulled off a major coup in the ongoing struggle to free all information necessary for full understanding of our relationship with Linden Lab.  Read this post, and see just what goes on behind the scenes of the Lab, as reflected in the contents of M Linden’s GMail account!  Read carefully and fully….

Our spy, of course, was Prad Pravithi, who also released to us the plans for a new computer keyboard designed exclusively for Second Life last summer….

Thanks to Hamlet Au and New World Notes

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Review: Linden Lab Second Life Viewer 1.21 (First Impression)

Updated below!!

Well, I was going to do my modeling shtick and show off some clothes, but a fresh event has altered this.  And it gives me an excuse to try something else:  the new polling function in!

Those who have created a new account in the past 12 hours or so, or went to log in during that time, will have noticed the advice for a download of the new 1.21.6 viewer.  The chief change here is the addition of support for scripting with Mono, which appears to be either an upgrade to or a replacement for the old, sometimes disparaged LSL (Linden Scripting Language for the new and unaware).  You can watch a video by Torley Linden explaining in more detail what Mono is, and the advantages it has over vanilla LSL, while you’re downloading the installation package.

I’m not sure how much Mono is tied in to the rest of the experience around the Grid, or whether developers took time to work over some more issues and add some bells; but my (currently brief) experience with the viewer has been positive so far.  In fact, I think this viewer is running smoother than past iterations, though I’m not sure what effect my new AO and HUD are having on it.  (I need to go up and down a particular set of escalators with the AO completely off to make sure.)  But I seem to be moving more smoothly, things may be rezzing a touch faster, and I like that my chat text is highlighted in blue suddenly, allowing me to see at a glance what insults and insipid banalities I’ve been uttering (grin).

A really good impression will require a longer use time, which won’t happen until Monday.  But the viewer hasn’t crashed on me yet, and I can’t find any noticeable problems.  So, what’s your thoughts?  Take the poll above, and then leave your deeper comments below, and let’s compare notes!

SUPPLEMENTAL — 11:00 a.m. local:

Well, I just found something very nice in the new viewer, and it’s vital to photographers like myself and several of my friends.  If you use the Snapshot button on the bottom toolbar, you now have the option to save in your choice of BMP, JPEG or PNG formats, and you can change the picture name for the session!  This gives photographers a lot more flexibility, as well as eliminates the need to convert a 2 MB bitmap down to a far smaller format.  A full-screen JPEG I shot today clicks in at 91.89 kB!  That’s a savings in disk space of over 95%, and reduces the need to go harvesting and archiving screenshots for a long time.  Who says Linden Lab isn’t helping out the experience?

Torley Speaks!

Torley Linden, that is.  The Master of Watermelons and the creator of the SL catchphrase “Friendly greetings!” has a new entry on the Big Blog (the Official Linden Blog, that is), with the door wide open to questions relating to tutorial and resident learning.  Don’t bother asking him about when this or that element of the viewer will be fixed; he’s not here to answer those.  And that’s assuming you can get a question in, for the comments were at 138 when I looked at the page, and the Big Blog caps comments at 150.  However, you may find the answer to that little jewel of a question that has been nagging you about how to accomplish something.

Thanks to Ari Blackthorne.

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Contact Sheet 8

Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life. Images used in this article are used under permission of the owners via their participation in the Creative Commons license; otherwise, all rights are reserved. Click on the links as necessary to go to the required blog, Flickr or Snapzilla page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments, if you have an account on the appropriate service.

Suggestions are appreciated; please send descriptions and links to me by in-world IM, notecard, or E-mail to


Chrisy Jewell knows more about Greek myths than I do, I’ll admit readily. She has a good reason — she’s Greek. Here, she has given us a piece she calls Aphrodite Tymborychos, or “Aphrodite the Gravedigger.” It seems there may have been more to the goddess of love than causing mortals to go mad with desire…. The picture seems to have been retouched just slightly to my eye, a sort of transparent “texture” layer, that gives the composition a feel reminiscent of the illustrations of N. C. Wyeth at his best.

While this, Stairs to Heaven, is not Wyeth — any of the Wyeths, who are grounded firmly in Chadds Ford School realism for the most part — but more of a mild surrealism. The first thing beyond the merits of the work that comes to mind is that photo of Salvador Dalí (done for Life, I think) painting in the air, with the swirl of water and a pair of cats flying through the foreground. (Of course, I tend to think of Dalí whenever I think of surrealism.)

Or, for pure (virtual) realism, go to Killerious Professionalis. The story says it all.


Connie Sec decided a while back to channel her inner Jedi, and came up with Constanza Jade:

Constanza Jade by Connie Sec

There is a slew of comments at the Flickr page, including some funny ones; go take a look by clicking on the image.


More after the break….

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Multiple Personalities on One Computer

How would you like to be two people at the same time, without having someone go and call the Civil Avatars to come and take you away in the white coat with the nice, long sleeves that tie up in the back?

“Well, get a second computer, along with an alt account, and –”


NO, ya nimrod!  You don’t need the second computer!  You just need Torley Linden!!

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