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Want Blog/Photo Visits? Use TweetMeme

Want a trick to increase your traffic to blog articles or Flickr and Koinup photos?  Use Twitter and TweetMeme.  Almost everyone knows about Twitter by now, of course; and many Residents have a Twitter account.  (I do myself — Harper_G.)  And, if you’re writing a blog on, such as this one, you can set the software to automagically tweet your new articles on publication, complete with a shortlink to the article.

TweetMeme is another popular service.  You need a Twitter account to use TweetMeme; once you set it up and link the services together, you can use it to “announce” things such as additions to your photostreams.  Koinup includes a handy widget on each photo page to do this; just click the button, and confirm the tweet, and it will be sent off via Twitter.  You can also download a bookmark proglet to do the same thing direct from your browser, and can thus tweet any page you like.  I use this not only for my own photos, but for others that I like greatly.

How effective is TweetMeme?  Well, a photo that had 65 visits before I tweeted it, next came up with over 120 visits just ten minutes later — double the number of visits.  That won’t happen all the time; but it sure is a simple, free way to increase throughput and publicize those things (including your own work) that you think should get more visits.

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