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In the eternal quest for Domination of the Blogosphere, Around the Grid offers a variety of share buttons at the bottom of each article that will place the piece on some of the many social networks available, from Twitter to Google+, to That Which Shall Not Be Named (but it’s big and blue and people spend more time playing Farmville and Cafe World than reading entries).  And now, I’ve included a button for the new kid on the block, Pinterest.  Starting today, it’s easy to pin any of my articles up on one of your Pinterest boards, even if you don’t use the bookmarklet thoughtfully provided by the company itself.  You get to show off your interest in Around the Grid, and I get a little ego-boo and free publicity.

Pin away, people.  I’ll love you for it.  I’ll even kiss you for it.

Posted March 29, 2012 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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Want Blog/Photo Visits? Use TweetMeme

Want a trick to increase your traffic to blog articles or Flickr and Koinup photos?  Use Twitter and TweetMeme.  Almost everyone knows about Twitter by now, of course; and many Residents have a Twitter account.  (I do myself — Harper_G.)  And, if you’re writing a blog on, such as this one, you can set the software to automagically tweet your new articles on publication, complete with a shortlink to the article.

TweetMeme is another popular service.  You need a Twitter account to use TweetMeme; once you set it up and link the services together, you can use it to “announce” things such as additions to your photostreams.  Koinup includes a handy widget on each photo page to do this; just click the button, and confirm the tweet, and it will be sent off via Twitter.  You can also download a bookmark proglet to do the same thing direct from your browser, and can thus tweet any page you like.  I use this not only for my own photos, but for others that I like greatly.

How effective is TweetMeme?  Well, a photo that had 65 visits before I tweeted it, next came up with over 120 visits just ten minutes later — double the number of visits.  That won’t happen all the time; but it sure is a simple, free way to increase throughput and publicize those things (including your own work) that you think should get more visits.

Harper Now Tweets (Finally)

I’m finally giving in.  I’ve hauled myself (virtually, of course) over to Twitter and signed up for an account there.  Since I don’t write an article for this ravenous creature called a blog every day, but I’m in world almost every day, I figured it would be a good way to let my dedicated readers know that I’m actually doing something between longer writing sessions.  Especially on weekends, when I can’t always get to the keyboard for extended periods, due to family demand on the single computer in the house.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men….  The widgets for Twitter are like the widgets for Ning — they’re scripted.  The idea, of course, is that Twitter is a dynamic service, and the widget would automatically update when you post a fresh tweet.  But this blog is (currently) hosted on, not .org, which means that scripts are a no-no.  It’s for our safety, of course; there are Evil Scripts out there.  But it still gets frustrating when I have a neat widget that can’t run.  If this was a self-hosted blog, it would be no problem; you can run scripts in your widgets and plugins on a self-hosted blog, since it’s not on Matt’s own servers.  I’m not quite to the point of committing to an expense for what’s essentially a diversion enterprise.

Time will tell if that changes.  For now, I’m sticking with the free service.  So, if you’re interested in following my tweets, or even Following them, head for my page at Twitter.  I’ve just started, of course, so there’s not much there yet.  But give me time, give me time….

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