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Pausing to Refresh

You have to take some time to enjoy the day when you get the opportunity, and so Diana and I are pausing in our shopping to get some iced tea. (I guess it’s iced; that’s the only reason for the glasses. Perhaps they’re just using the teapot to carry the tea.)

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February Vanity — WOW!

Just a quick note here, as we at the blog are all still going over how much we can afford. But get ready to buy about 10,000 or 20,000 lindens this month if you go to February’s edition of Vanity. Not because of the prices — but because you’re gonna want about a quarter of it at the least! There’s something fantastic for almost every taste, from casual to formal to kinky. We plan to run some quantity of things in future articles, so watch here for words and photos.

For an advance taste, check out the gallery at Seraphim.

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Hair Fair Outrageous Styles 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the more extreme or just plain interesting styles I found while traveling this year’s Hair Fair.  The ordinary stuff has its place, but sometimes you just gotta wig out, ya know?  I hope you’ll enjoy these; let me have your comments!


Kiss Kira

I suppose the case could be made that Kiss’ Kira style (a freebie at her booth) isn’t that extreme or over the top.  The main thing here is that I love the ornament on the right side.  The little silver flower is cute, and I enjoy the dangling chain as well.  One has to wonder if those are handcuffs attached to the flower, not rings; but your mileage may vary here….

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