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Southern Typhoon

Photograph by Diana Myeong, © 2018

Teleport to the location

Second Life iPhone Wallpaper

People do like to customize their electronic belongings.  My daughter took the netbook we purchased for her 16th birthday, and pasted plastic “jewels” over the case.  We also go for things like colorful carry cases and protective sleeves, all to give these slabs of electronics a little more “personality.”

Another route of personalization, of course, is wallpaper and screensavers.  I’ve built a theme for my computer based on Second Life screenshots and photos, and I’ve also made SL wallpaper for my iPhone.  The practice is popular enough that Koinup created a group for submissions of iPhone/iPad wallpapers, and has even run contests, with the winners’ work being added to a “wallpaper picker” app for the iPhone.  You will find some of the nicest virtual-world work available to carry around in your pocket this way.

I’ve now started a similar group on Flickr for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch wallpapers, restricted to Second Life.  The criteria for inclusion are simple:  safe works (in other words, they’d better be okay for the kids to see), your own work, and a size of 768×1024 pixels.  (All submissions are moderated.)  If you’d like to add something, and maybe have people carry off your work in a pocket or briefcase, come on by the group and join up!

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