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Another Year of Flickr Pro

Poor, poor, pitiful me.  I just bought another year of Flickr Pro.

You have every right to cue the violins, especially the very small ones that are playing just for me.  I know that this is basically a whine.  The thing is, I have almost no traffic on my pictures on Flickr anymore.

I get lots more traffic — and response — on my Koinup account, which doesn’t give me unlimited space, but which I’ve used only 2% of over some three years.  In fact, I get between 60%-98% less traffic on Flickr than I do on Koinup.  A f’r instance:  a nude picture I did of myself — a nude! — has had over 300 visits on Koinup, but only 8 on Flickr.  Now, that could be because it’s set to a tighter visit moderation on Flickr (required under their terms); but other pictures on both services have similar responses.

Why did I renew, then?  Because I own several groups on Flickr that will go poof if my account reverts to basic, or at least not be able to access.  One of them especially, the Oscar Fashion Contest group, is a fixture of work on this blog every top of the year now.  I need to drop the $25 to use the group.

Maybe it’s just because there are so honkin’ many members on Flickr.  I’m probably getting drowned out in the noise, even when I add a photo to groups.  Or maybe it’s just the phase of the moon.  Maybe I’m not shooting the stuff people want to see on there, while the Italian-based Koinup, with more of a European membership base, goes for it.  Who knows?  But it is frustrating.

Okay, I’ve finished my whine; you guys can eat up the cheese.

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