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Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September

Second Life is about more than fashion, than sex, than dancing and parties.  Second Life is about what you make it — completely and truly.  Fashion and pretty vistas are mostly my thing (especially because I don’t have the tools or time to do the creations I’d really like to attempt), but others have done far more creative work.  For instance, The Basilique Performing Arts Company has produced a movie, based on their very popular performance of Bunyan’s Paradise Lost.  You can find out lots of juicy details here, including how to win a shot at L$20,000 in a photo contest!

Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September.

Paradise Lost The Movie Contest

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Machinima — “Noob”

I’ve been writing about so many different things lately that this draft has sat forgotten in the back room of the blog.  Now I submit it to you for your approval:  a link to a machinima called Noob.  If you enjoy it, come on back and let me know; I got a few giggles from it.

(Warning:  strong language at times)

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